The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique

Coming soon to Willowmere!

About The Alexander Technique

The technique works by helping you identify and prevent the harmful postural habits that may be the cause of stress and pain. You will learn to release tension and rediscover balance of the mind and body. With increased awareness you can:

  • Be poised, without stiffness
  • Move gracefully, with less effort
  • Be alert and focused, with less strain
  • Breathe and speak more easily
  • Be calm and confident

What will happen during the session?

Your teacher will use gentle hands-on guidance and verbal explanations to help you find ease and balance within yourself in simple movements and everyday activities – such as sitting, standing, walking or bending.

A 5 week course will be available at Willowmere, starting on Thursday 4th October at 11am.

If you would like more information, or would like to book onto this course, please contact the Willowmere Helpdesk on 01606 835413.