Ben’s Story

Ben has lived at Hazelmere with his Mum since February 2017 and loves the strong sense of community spirit.

Ben loves to sing! He performed with the Funky Choir.Com at Christmas, who have since enrolled him as an honoree member. He is always keen to “get involved and help out” and has become an ‘independent member of our happy community’. There are so many activities for Ben to participate in. He loves literacy and often writes scripts for plays which he shares with staff.

Ben would love to share his story with you – Read Ben’s Story Here

(Ben in picture)

Jane Langley Scheme Manager says:

“I really enjoy the activities they are great for everyone to attend, the residents are so friendly and it’s nice spending time with them. I am passionate about meeting people, our residents really do shine together. The satisfaction of seeing people smile and make new friends is something that is shared throughout the Hazelmere Team”.